eating home-made &locally-grown food, what else !

Small farm in Ardèche

We woke up a very old Cévennes farmhouse, pushed stones, enlarged a few windows for the view and the warmth of the sun, cleared cultivable land, re-opened pastures, pruned centuries-old chestnut trees…
Today, in addition to running the kitchens of La Bola, we are a farmer, breeder and farmer.
We practice natural agriculture that respects biodiversity, does not contain chemicals, and limits mechanization and the use of water. We favor local varieties or varieties adapted to our terroir and give trees a preponderant place in our ecosystem. We believe in a virtuous circle between food and agriculture !
Between permaculture and agroforestry, our vegetable garden is natural ! it is led in terraces along fruit hedges, brambles or in full orchard. we only use reproducible farmer seeds certified organic-bio or untreated.
The chestnuts are harvested by hand, of traditional variety, they are naturally very tasty and pleasant to cook.
Our lambs grow up on the grass with their mother, Raïoles ewes - a hardy endangered breed endemic to the Cévennes. These good climbers love tree fodder and graze under our chestnut covers.
The farm-inn restaurant La Bola is a life project for permaculture and farm gastronomy.

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